Dfinity Rats is a next generation P2E game combining art, comedy, and gameplay on the Internet Computer ∞.

Can you hear the Rats squeak? 🐀
Fasten your seat belts, life’s journey has just begun! 🏎️💨

2022 Q2

🐀 Concept development and reveal

🐀 Partnerships with other IC communities and projects

🐀 Launch DRAT NFTs on IC chain

2022 Q3

🏆 Exclusive roles distributed to DRat holders

🏆 NFT [wearables] plus Game development and BETA test by exclusive members

🏆 More team members as project expands

2022 Q4

🏁 DRat token release for improved gaming experience

🏁 Implementing more game bundles (game types)

🏁 Wide scale marketing and game publicity

More to come...🎮

(c) Dfinity Rats 2022